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The following articles are suitable for the New Yamaha Vmax (2009 Model onwards):

110B ..tbd

112P Mufflers Superbike, Vmax 1700

112Q Muffler set Supersport, black, V-Max 1700

112R Muffler Supersport, Silver, Vmax 1700

112S Exhaust muffler Carbon , Vmax 1700

112T Exhaust mufflers Conical, Akrapovic, Vmax 1700

112V Exhaust Mufflers Sexy

112X Muffler Trumpet, Stainless, V-Max 1700

112Y Mufflers Trumpet, black, V-max 1700

114C Muffler caps Hightec, silver

114D Muffler caps Hightec, black

114G Muffler caps Hightec, black/silver

114I Muffler caps Exclusive, silber

114J Muffler caps Exclusive, black

114L Muffler caps black

114M Muffler caps polished

114N Muffler caps Carbon

114R Exhaust brackets Carbon

114S Exhaust cover Black

114T Exhaust cover Polished

119C Manifold Intermitting pipe, Vmax 1700

128A Exhaust silencer Performance killer

133H Battery OEM, V-Max 1700

133I Battery Aftermarket, V-Max 1700

133K Battery Genuine Yamaha BS

141B Flasher Mini-Black

141D Flasher LED running indicators, Infinity

142C Flasher Mini-Mini black

142D Flasher Mini-Mini silver

142H Indicator Fighter

142J Indicator Space

142M ..tbd

142P ..tbd

143A Flasher Street-black

143C Flasher Mini-Oval black

144A Flasher Super-Bike-Chromed

144B Flasher Hi-tech

146B Flasher Exclusive-round chromed

146C Flasher Exclusive-round silver

146D Flasher Exclusive-round black

150A Flasher Barend, anti vibration, polished

150B Flasher Barend, anti vibration, black

150C Flasher Barend, anti vibration, chromed

150D Indicator bar end, black

151B Flasher Barend, street

151C Flasher Barend, Mini chromed

151D Flasher Barend, Mini black

151F Indicator Basic

151H Flasher LED, Cone

151J Flasher Streetfight

151K Flasher Genuine Yamaha, with position light

151M Indicator LED, Yamaha, Carbon

151N Indicators LED, Yamaha

152A Flasher Unit current independent

152C Flasher adapter plate

152E Flasher reminder Acoustic

152G Flasher Bar end Mini, LED

153E Turn indicator mount front, V-Max 1700

154A Flasher Adaptor wire

155B Flasher lenses Transparent, V-Max 1700

155D Flasher mounting rear, polished

155F Flasher mounting rear, shortened

155H Flasher mounting rear, black

167L Brake disc Light, rear, V-max 1700

167P Brake disc Aftermarket, V-Max 1700 rear

167U Brake disc Flame, front

167W Brake disc Flame, rear, front pre 92

168B Brake disc Streetfight, rear, V-Max 1700

168L Brake disc Streetfight, V-Max 1700

169H Brake fluid DOT 4

169L Brake line kit, complete New Vmax

169N Brake line kit, complete New Vmax, black

170K Brake line hollow screws Aluminium, various colors

171A Brake pads rear, TRW, New Vmax

171B Brake pads front, TRW, New Vmax

171C Brake pads Genuine, rear, Vmax 1700

171D Brake pads Genuine, Front, V-Max 1700

172L Brake & clutch lever Hightech, silver

172M Brake & clutch lever Hightech, black

172N Brake & clutch lever Hightec, various colors

172P Brake/Clutch lever Super-Bike, silver

172R Brake & Clutch lever Super-Bike, black

172U Brake & clutch lever Exclusive, V-max 1700

172V Brake & clutch lever Super-Sport, silver

172W Brake & Clutch lever Super-Sport, black

172X Brake & Clutch lever Super-Sport, various colors

176G Brake/clutch pump cover Mirrorfinished, New Vmax

176M Brake & Clutch pump Lid, Toptech, silver, New V-Max

176P Brake & clutch pump Lid, Top-Tech, black, New Vmax

176R Brake & clutch pump cover Lid, Top-Tech, silver-black, New Vmax

176U Brake & clutch pump cover Lid, Exclusive, black-silver, Vmax 1700

179P Brake ventilation V-Max 1700

191F Shock absorber Lifting, V-Max 1700

191J Shock absorber Lowered, V-Max 1700

198K Shock absorber Wilbers, Vmax 1700

221G Foot rest Relax, Vmax 1700

223P Footrest Race, New Vmax

223R Footrest Variablo, New Vmax

223T Footrest Varibalo, rubber, V-Max 1700

232G Footrest systeme Exclusive, Silver, V-Max 1700

232H Footrest system Exclusive, Black, V-Max 1700

232J Footrest High-end, New Vmax

232K Footrest Highend, black, New Vmax

232M Footrest Toptech, silver, New Vmax

232N Footrest Toptech, black, New Vmax

232R Footrest, forward kit V-Max 1700

244D Front fork oil 10 W V-Max 1700

251M Fork bridge, Kit wide, New Vmax

271R Luggage rack Exclusive, Silver, V-Max 1700

271S Luggage rack Exclusive, black

272H Luggage rack Touring

272J Luggage rack Sport, V-max 1700

272K Luggage rack Sport, V-Max 1700, black

273G Luggage rack Hightec

273H Luggage rack Original, Vmax 1700

273J Luggage rack Genuine, V-Max 1700, black

273M Luggage rack Wide, black, V-Max 1700

273N Luggage rack Wide, silver, V-Max 1700

273R Luggage rack Sozia, Vmax 1700

273U Luggage rack Standard, V-max 1700

273V Luggage bolts Silver

273W Luggage bolts black

273X Pannier holder lockable, V-Max 1700

274C Saddle bag holder New Vmax

274D Luggage bag bracket New Vmax, black

274F Luggage bags Exclusive

274H Luggage bag Genuine Yamaha

274K Luggage bag Universal

274L Luggagebag small

274N Luggage bag Aero

274P Luggage bag Tour

274T Luggage-bags Roadster, lockable

274U Luggage-bags Street, lockable

274W Luggage-caces Carbon, Lockable

274Y Luggage bag Classic, lockable

274Z Luggage bag Touring, lockable

275A Luggage-bags Exclusive

275C Luggage bag Big

275F Luggage bags Leather, small

275K Backpack Type: Emigration

275M Luggage backpack Tour

275P Luggage bag Worldtour

275R Luggage backpack Textile

277E Top case 37 liter

277G Luggage case Top-Case, 45 liters

277I Luggage case Top-Case, 34 liters

292B Instrument Voltmeter

292D Instrument Oil temp gauge

292H ..tbd

294D Instrument Ignition lock cover, Carbon

294E Ignition lock cover Carbon

295P Instrument cover Black, New V-Max 1700

295S Instrument cover Carbon

295U Instrument Selegt/Reset mount

296B Instrument rev counter lowered

298A Throttle grip Soft

298P ..tbd

311G Shaft drive housing Exclusive, silver

311H Shaft drive housing Exclusive, black

311J Shaft drive cover Excluisve, black/silver, Vmax 1700

312C Shaft drive oil New V-Max 1700

312H Shaft drive train filler cap Hightec, black, New Vmax

313C Shaft drive train filler cap Exclusive, New Vmax

313D Shaft drive train filler cap Hightec, silver, New Vmax

313E Shaft drive train filler cap Hightec, New Vmax, black/silver

313F Shaft drive cover Hightec, Silver, New Vmax

313G Shaft drive cover Hightec, black, New Vmax

313H Shaft drive cover Hightec, black/silver, New Vmax

313J Shaft drive cover Stock, black, New Vmax

313K Shaft drive cover Stock, polished, New Vmax

331G License plate holder Super short, V-Max 1700

331H License plate holder Extra short, V-Max 1700

331I License plate holder short, V-max 1700

331J License plate holder Side, V-max 1700

331K License plate holder Side, V-max 1700, Big

372B Radiator Aftermarket, Vmax 1700

372E Coolant Motocool, 4 litre, V-Max 1700

373J Radiator grill Racing, black, Vmax 1700

373M Grille Racing, V-Max 1700

373N Radiator grill Exclusive, V-Max 1700

373S Radiator grill Exclusive, black, V-Max 1700

373U Radiator grille Shorty, silver

373W Radiator grille Shorty, black

377L Radiator panels Racing, New V-Max 1700

377N Radiator cover Racing with indicator, Vmax 1700

377U Radiator cover carbon, lower part

377V Radiator cover carbon, upper

377W Radiator cover Genuine, black, Vmax 1700

379R Cooling water arch Cover, exclusive, silver

379U Cooling water arch Cover, exclusive, black

391A Paintpen Single layer

393A Paint kit Single layer

419P Handlebar conical, wide and low

419R Handlebar conical, wide and low

419S Handlebar conical, wide, high, silver

419T Handle bar Conical, wide, high, black

419U Handlebar ends Silver

419Y Barend Universal

422F Handlebar holder Exclusive, big, adjustable

422G Handlebar bracket silver, New Vmax

422H Handlebar bracket black with emblem, New Vmax

422I Handlebar mount Genuine, V-Max 1700

431A Handlebar grips Rubber foam

433A Handlebar grips Royal

434A Handlebar grips Heated

437A Handlebar grips Mad-Max

439A Handlebar grips Sport, silver

439B Handlebar grips Sport, black

473D Steering head bearing playless, smaller, V-max 1700

481A Loctite glue Bearings and bushes

482A Loctite glue Nuts and bolts

502C Air filter Genuine, V-Max 1700

503E Air filter washable, new Vmax

522E Air scoops New Vmax

526E Air scoops Double, New V-Max 1700

527F Air scoops, V-Max 1700 Original, Copy

527I Air scoop Vmax 1700, shark teeth

527K Air scoop V-Max 1700 , stock, black

528K Air scoop grille Stainless steel, New Vmax

528L Air scoop grille Stainless steel, black, New Vmax

528R Air scoop grille Vmax 1.7 Logo, silver

528S Air scoop grille Vmax 1.7 logo, black

538E Engine spoiler Racing, New V-Max 1700

538G Engine spoiler Cool, New V-Max 1700

538I Engine Spoiler Sport, V-Max 1700

538K Engine Spoiler Super Sport, V-Max 1700

538M Engine spoiler Super-long, V-max 1700

538P Engine spoiler Racetec, V-max 1700

573H Frame, reinforcement Limited, V-Max 1700

573I Frame reinforment Limited, black, V-max 1700

573J Frame reinforcement 1700 V-Max, black

573K Frame reinforcement Vmax 1700

573L Frame reinforcement Vmax 1700 , Racing

573M Frame reinforcement Cover, New Vmax

574A Frame triangle lid Exclusive, silver, V-Max 1700

574B Frame triangle lid Exclusive, black/silver, New Vmax

574C Frame triangle lid Exclusive, black, V-max 1700

591J Rim / Wheel, Vmax 1700 8,00 x 18, rear, Exclusive

591L Rim / Wheel V-Max 1700 rear, broaded, 8 x 18, New Vmax

591N Rim, Wheel, Vmax 1700 10,00 x 18 for 300er rear tire

592I Rim set, Vmax 1700 New Vmax

592K Rim, Vmax 1700 Front, 180 tire

592L Rim, Vmax 1700 Front, 160 tire

592M Rim / Wheel, Vmax 1700 3.50 x 18, front, Exclusive

597E Set of Rims, V-Max 1700 Exclusive, 240 / 120 tire, New Vmax

597F Rim set, Vmax 1700, black Exclusive, 240 reat / 120 front tire

597G Rim set, Vmax 1700, silver/black Exclusive, 240 reat / 120 front tire

597H Wheelset, V-Max 1700 New Vmax, Exclusiv, 300/130 tire

597I Wheelset V-max 1700 Exclusive, black, 300/130 tire

597K Rim set, Vmax 1700 280 / 300 rear tire, 180 front tire

597M Rim set, Vmax 1700, black Exclusive, 300 rear tire, 180 front tire

597R Rim set, Vmax 1700 17 inch rear wheel

597T Rim set, Vmax 1700, black 17 inch rear wheel

597V Rim set, Vmax 1700, silver/black 17 inch rear wheel

598A Rim design Turbo

598B Rim design Tuning fork

598C Rim, V-Max 1700 rear, gloss polish, 6 or 8 inch

598E Rim, V-Max 1700 front, gloss polish

599G Hub cover Vmax 1700, rear, black

599I Hub cover Vmax 1700, polished

599P Wheel protector Front, V-Max 1700

599R Rim set, V-Max 1700, black rear, 300 tire with single rear arm

599S Wheel protector Rear, New V-Max 1700

599T ..tbd

599U ..tbd

599V ..tbd

599W Tire valve angled

599Z Wheel bearing set Rear, V-Max 1700

604M Tire 180/55 ZR 17, Metzeler Z8 Interact

606B Tire 200/50R 18 76V Dunlop Roadsmart 2

606C Tire, V-Max 1700 200/50 ZR 18 Metzeler ME888, rear

606D Tire, V-Max 1700 200/50 R18 76V Bri. BT028RG, rear

606E Tire 240/40 V 18 Metzeler ME 888, rear

606H Tire 280/35 V 18 Metzeler ME 888, rear

606K Tire 300/35 V 18 Metzeler ME 888, rear

608J Tire 120/70 ZR 17, Metzeler Z8 Interact

608M Tire, front 120/70 ZR 17 Metzeler Roadtec 01 SE

610B Tire 120/70 ZR 18 59W Dunlop Roadsmart 2

610D Tire, V-Max 1700 120/70 ZR 168 Metzler ME 888, front

610E Tire, Vmax 1700 120/70 R 18 59V Bri BT028FG, front

610F Tire front, 130/60 VR18, Metzler ME 880

610P Tire 160/60 R 18 76V Me 880RF

651A Headlight Super-Bike

651T Headlight Race, V-Max 1700

656I Headlight mounting bracket Alu., black

656K Headlamp mounting bracket Side, chrom

657B Headlight bezel Carbon

665D ..tbd

671D Fender holder front, carbon

672H Fender sexy, front, V-max 1700

674I Fender Streetfight, front, New Vmax 1700

674J Fender Superbike, front, V-Max 1700

674L Fender, V-Max 1700 Front, Exclusive, Carbon

674N Fender, V-Max 1700 front, wide

674P Fender, V-Max 1700 rear, Exclusive, Carbon

674R Fender unit V-Max1700 rear, Short, Single-Seater

674S Fender unit, V-Max 1700 rear, Small, Two-Seater

674T Fender unit, Vmax 1700 rear, small, short, single seat

674U Fender unit, V-Max 1700 rear, small, short, two seats

674V Fender unit, V-Max 1700 rear, short and small, single-seater

674W Fender unit, V-Max 1700 rear, small and short, 2-seater

674X Fender unit, V-Max 1700 Ducati design, Single seater

674Y Fender unit, V-Max 1700 Ducati design, two seater

674Z Fender unit, V-Max 1700 sexy rack

680G Fender covers Exclusive, V-Max 1700

680I Fender panel rear, black

680L Fender covers Carbon

680N Fender covers polished

692I Swingarm Vmax 1700, 10" rim / 300 tire

692K Swingamr V-Max 1700 10 inch, 300 rear tire, black

693D swingamr pivot bolt oversized

693F Swingarm linkage without play

695G Swingarm coverlid Carbon

695J Swingarm, Cover New Vmax, Toptech, silver

695K Swingarm, Cover New Vmax, Toptech, black

696B Swingamr cover New V-Max, Hightec

696D Swingarm, Cover Racing, New Vmax

706H Sissy-Bar Genuine V-Max 1700, flat, black

707C Sissy-Bar Genuine, high back, V-Max 1700

707D Sissy-Bar, Lift New Vmax

707G Sissy-Bar Standard, V-max 1700

707H Sissy-Bar Mountig kit, Hightec

707I Sissy-Bar Mounting kit, Hightec, with cover

707J Sissy-Bar Hightec

707M Sissy-Bar Hightec, tall

710D Seat V-Max 1700, MÄRZ-exclusive

710F Seat Middle, V-Max 1700

710H Seat Middle section/first aid

711B Seat Tour, Passenger, Vmax 1700

711M Seat Passenger, high, V-Max 1700

711N Seat Comfort, V-Max 1700

711P Seat Comfort, Various colors, V-Max 1700

717F Seat cover Pillion, short, New Vmax 1700

717H Seat cover Long, New Vmax 1700

717J Seat cover V-Max 1700

718M Seat side cover Carbon, exclusive

718N Seat side cover Street, Vmax 1700

718P Seat side cover Sport, Vmax 1700

718R Seat side cover mirror-finish, Vmax 1700

718T Seat side cover Black, V-Max 1700

719I Seat handle, passenger Aluminium, Vmax 1700

719L Seat handle, passenger black, V-Max 1700

722A Mirror Oval, 40mm extended

722C Mirror 40 mm longer, black

722H Mirror replica, Vmax 1700

723A Mirror Formula One, carbon, square

723B Mirror Formula One, black, square

723C Mirror Formula One, carbon, oval

723D Mirror Formula One, black, oval

724C Mirror Exclusive, chromed

724D Mirror Exclusive, black

724F Mirror Bar end

724H Mirror Barend, round, big

724K Mirror Bar end, Racing

724M ..tbd

724N Mirror bar ends, exclusive

725B Mirror Sport

725F Mirror Blind spot

725G Mirror with flasher

725J Mirror Length adjustable

725K Mirror Length adjust, chromed

725L Mirror Streetfight black

725M Mirror Streetfight, chromed

725S Mirror Cat, with LED-flasher

725U Mirror Highsider

725V Mirror Highsider with flasher

726B Mirror Street, black

726E Mirror Race, chromed

726G Mirror Race, black

726U Mirror extension plus 5 cm

748F Crash protection New Vmax

748H Crash protection flat, New Vmax

748L Crash protection Exclusive, New V-max

754H Fueltank, new Vmax 24 liters capacity

754I Fuel tank, New V-Max 23 Liters, Version 2

754K Fuel tank, New V-Max 23 Liters, Version 3

755A Fake cover intake Racing

756J Tank cover Big, New V-Max 1700

756K Fake tank cover Carbon, exclusive

756L Tankattrappendeckel Geschlitzt, Neue V-Max

756M Tank cover protection New Vmax

756T Fake Gas tank cover Fighter, V-Max 1700

756V Fake gas tank cover storage compartment, V-Max 1700

757P Tank backpack 11 liters, New Vmax

757S Tank backpack 10 litre

757U Tank backpack Shorty, 8 Liters

757W Tank bag 3 Liter

758E ..tbd

758G ..tbd

758I ..tbd

761A Headlight cover Street

761B Headlight cover Street special

762A Headlight cover Racing

762B Headlight cover Streetfight

762C Headlight cover Streetfight, special

763A Headlight cover Super-Bike

763B Headlight cover Super-Bike, special

763C Headlight cover Fighter

763F Headlight cover Cat

763H Headlight cover Duke

765E Headlight cover Sport

765K Covering Speed, Vmax 1700

773A Windscreen Touring

773H Windshield Racing

774C Windscreen stock, high, New Vmax

774G Windscreen stock, medium

774J Windscreen Tour, New V-Max 1700

774L Windscreen Vee

774N Windscreen Speed

843B Shaft drive linkage cover Exclusive, silver, New V-Max

843D Shaft drive cover Exclusive, black, New Vmax

843E Shaft drive linkage cover Exclusive, silver/black, New Vmax

843F Shaft drive linkage cover Turbine, New Vmax

843M Shaft drive linkage cover Gasket, V-max 1700

901H Clutch linings Genuine, New V-Max 1700

901K Clutch pads Aftermarket, V-max 1700

902H Clutch steel plates Genuine, New V-Max 1700

902L Clutch steel plates replica, Vmax 1700

903D Clutch pressure spring Genuine, V-Max 1700

903G Clutch conversion kit Screw springs, New Vmax 1700

903H Clutch conversion kit Screw springs, exclusive, New Vmax 1700

903I Clutch conversion kit Screw springs, black-silver, New Vmax 1700

903T Clutch Kit Centrifugal-reinforced, Vmax 1700

904F Clutch cover Exclusive, silver, Vmax 1700

904H Clutch cover lid Exclusive, black, Vmax 1700

904M Clutch cover Turbine, Vmax 1700

904P Clutch lid Turbine, Vmax 1700

904R Clutch cover clear, V-Max 1700

905N Clutch cover Clear, New Vmax 1700

906D Clutch cover seal New V-Max 1700

922K Alternator cover Exclusive, silver, New Vmax

922M Alternator cover Racing, black, New Vmax

922N Alternator lid Exclusive, black/silver, New Vmax

922U Alternator cover Turbine, Vmax 1700

922W Alternator cover Carbon

924A Alternator cover Gasket, V-max 1700

942J Engine side cover Gasket kit, V-Max 1700

951F Engine bolts kit V-Max 1700, black, conical

951J Engine bolts kit V-Max 1700, black, Exclusive

955A Engine lid kit Set of 4, Exclusive, Vmax 1700, silver

955B Engine cover kit Exclusive, black, Vmax 1700

955C Engine cover set Exclusive, Vmax1700, silver/black

955G Engine cover set Turbine, Vmax 1700

955M Engine cover set, 12 items Genuine V-Max 1700, black/gray

955P ..tbd

974B Camshaft cover Hightec

974F Camshaft cover Exclusive, silver, New Vmax

974H Camshaft cover lid Racing, black/silver, New Vmax

974I Camshaft cover Exclusive, New Vmax

974K Camshaft cover Funnel, Vmax 1700 silver/black

974M Camshaft cover black, New Vmax

974N Camshaft cover polished, New Vmax

974R Camshaft cover Legend, Silver, V-Max 1700

991C Engine oil Motul 20W50 5 Liter

992B Oil filter Genuine, 96 onwards

992D Oil filter Chromed, 96 onwards

992K Oil filter Aftermarket, 96 onwards

997A Oil filler cap Exclusive

997D Oil filler bolt Milled

998F Oil filler cap Hightec

998I Oil filler cap Hightec, black

1061D Water pump cover o-ring, V-max 1700

1066F Water pump cover Exclusive, silver, New Vmax

1066H Water pump cover Exclusive, black, New Vmax

1066I Water pump cover Exclusive, silver/black, New Vmax

1066K Water pump cover Turbine, New Vmax

1082D Spark plug V-Max 1700

1092F Cylinder cover Ribbed, silver, V-Max 1700

1092G Cylinder cover Ripped, silver-black, V-max 1700

1108A Bike Cover Outside

1108I Bike Cover Indoor

1108K Bike Cover Outside, with emblem

1108M Bike Cover Inside, with emblem

1111A Alarm system Senty

1131A Sticker Genuine V-max

1131B Sticker black / silver

1131C Sticker I lover

1131D Sticker V4, small

1131E Sticker Flag

1131F Sticker V4, big

1131H Sticker Reflector

1131J Sticker Banderole

1131L Patch 30 years V-Max

1131P Patch V-Max with Yamaha logo, small

1131R Patch V-Max with Yamaha logo, big

1131T Patch V-Max 1700 letter, big

1141A Pin V-max

1145D Wrist watch Yamana

1148A Battery charger Professional

1160A Motorcylce outfit Large selection

1160C Brake disc lock with alarm

1160D Brake disc lock Sturdy

1161B Jacket V-max

1161D Blouson Genuine YAMAHA

1161F Blouson Genuine YAMAHA fleece

1161G Gift voucher All purpose

1161H Purse Yamaha

1161I Used parts a lot (please inquire)

1161K Belt bracket V-max

1161M Braces V-max

1161N Braces YAMAHA

1161U Inspection kit Vmax 1700

1162A Cap V-max

1162D Basecap Blue, Yamaha

1162F Basecap Yamaha, black

1162I Cap Yamaha

1164A Workshop stand rear

1164C Workshop stand front

1164G Repair stand fittings V-Max 1700

1166A Polish Aluminium

1170D Key ring V-Max 1700

1171E Key ring März

1171H Neck keychain YAMAHA

1181A Lock Anchor

1181B Lock Chain

1191A Sweat-Shirt V-max

1211A T-Shirt V-max

1219D Mug Yamaha, blue

1219F Mug Yamaha, white

1223A V-max Emblem

1223D V-MAX Badge, New V-Max

1291B Tools Clutch basket holder

1291F Tools Oil filter tool

1291M Wall clock V-Max 1770

1310A Fork bride measuring

1310B Front fork measuring

1310C Fork sealing

1311A Head bearing change

1313A V-Max motorcycle pick-up / delivery service

1321A Frame measuring

1340 Other chassis works

1410A Balance shaft fine adjustment

1411B Crankshaft fine adjsutment

1413A Dynojet test

1431A Engine removal

1432A Engine disassembly

1433A Engine assembly

1434A Engine fitment

1441A Valves removal and fitting

1442A Valve Lapping

1442B Valve seat cutting

1480 Other engine works