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Set of Rims, V-Max 1700 Exclusive, 240 / 120 tire, New Vmax

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Set price - get a discount if you order front and rear rim together. See item 592M and 591J for a detailed description.
If you want to trade in your set of undamaged original wheels we offer a 400 Euro discount - but you have to ship the set prior to execution of your order.
TV certification in our garage only (Einzelabnahme).
Fits V-Max 1200 only if one of the rear swingarms 692F, 692G, or 692H is used.
On the V-Max 1700 the wheels fit without alterations. We can also deliver the wheels in a different design, see article. No. 598A and 598B

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Suitable for all model years: 1985-2007 and New Vmax

A pricelist covering all of our articles can be found here (acrobat reader required)