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Rim set, Vmax 1700 280 / 300 rear tire, 180 front tire

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For the ultra-wide-tire freaks ........ Our exclusive "chipped from one block" Aluminium-rim with 10 inch width for 280 or 300 tires and a 5.50 x 17-inch front wheel for a 180 tire.
To have the rear wheel in exactly the same track as the original wheel, we deliver the swing arm (Item No. 692I) and to fit the wide front wheel between the fork, we deliver item No. 251M and an unpainted, broadened front fender (Item No. 674N), two extended axles and all bearings (everything included in the kit).
Tires are not included in the price, 606K or 606H and 604F or 605E have to be ordered seperately.
To avoid the wide rear tire to touch the stock fender on compression, item No. 191F is necessary and or one of our rear fenders (Item No. 674S, 674T, 674U, 674V, 674W) has to be ordered.
TV certification possible at our garage.
If you like to trade in your undamaged original wheels and fork crown you can deduct 400 from the price.
We can also design the wheels in a different design, see articles 598A and 598B.

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Suitable for V-max model years 2009 onwards (New Vmax)

A pricelist covering all of our articles can be found here (acrobat reader required)