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Rim / Wheel V-Max 1700 rear, broaded, 8 x 18, New Vmax

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We are broadening the original rim of the new V-Max to 8 x18 inch, making mounting of 240 tires (see article 606E) possible.
The wheel fits in the original swing arm and stays exactly in the same track as the original 6 inch rim, the original braking system can still be used.
For mounting and demounting of this rear wheel the shaft drive must be removed. TÜV certification possible in our garage but only in combination with tire 610D (front).
The given price is only for broadening and does NOT include painting or polishing or a tire.
You send us your original rim after prior written order and you will get a wider 8 inch wheel back.
Would you like the rim completely original black powder-coated, add a 150 Euro surcharge (other colors also possible, also for the original front wheel).
Would you like to have the rim bed polished and the rest in original
black powder-coated, add a 250 euro surcharge.
If you want the rim completely polished / compacted have, add 280 euros extra (also possible for the original front wheel).
Would you like to have new bearings and seals installed, add 120 euros extra incl assembly (for the powder-coated version and polished version the bearings must be renewed)
If you do not send the original rim in exchange, we charge 180 euros extra.
Attention: The gimbal cover must be changed, otherwise the wheel grinds on the lid, drawing included.
If you like to have a certificate from the TÜV Rheinland, then please specify the chassis number (VIN) when ordering. On the front wheel tire artcile no. 610D must be mounted.

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Suitable for V-max model years 2009 onwards (New Vmax)

A pricelist covering all of our articles can be found here (acrobat reader required)