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410 Handlebar

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All measurements are done approx. values referring to stock handlebar. Wiring can be kept for all handlebar (unless otherwise stated).

411A Handlebar Touring, chromed

412A Handlebar Drag bar, chromed

412B Handlebar Super-Sport, chromed

412C Handlebar Super-Bike, black

413A Handlebar Super-Bike, blue

413B Handlebar Super-Bike, red

413C Handlebar Super-Bike, gold

413D Handlebar Super-Bike, silver

417A Handlebar Drag-Bar, black

417F Handlebar Drag Star

419A Handlebar Adjustable

419M Handlebar Fast adjustment

419P Handlebar conical, wide and low

419R Handlebar conical, wide and low

419S Handlebar conical, wide, high, silver

419T Handle bar Conical, wide, high, black

419U Handlebar ends Silver

419V Handlebar ends black

419Y Barend Universal