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590 Wheel / Rims

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One of the main reason for causing this "wacky" feeling when driving your V-max are the aged original tires, which sit on very narrow rims. In comparison with today's modern radial ply tyres they cause chassis unrests much faster. They also did not really fit in the overal "big" V-max view. So you need broader rims for modern tires, ...... we offer a large selection to you. All our rims/wheels and/or wheel sets (except 595B, 591C and 593D) are supplied to be built in the motorcycle in the same wheel track as the original rear wheel. We offer for chassis improvement up to 5.50" rims for 180's and 190's tires. Wider rims (starting from 6,00 width) required the motion link to be changed, if not, the rear wheel runs for at least 10 mm outside track. (Even if some "specialist" tell something else-but why do they offer in connection with 6" rim a new brake support?). All rims/wheels offered by us are supplied with wheel bearings, shaft seals and valves ready to be installed. The original brake assembly or a re-equipment offered by us can be used. Our widened aluminum wheels are completely all around welded, not screwed, as in the past many problems occured with screwed aluminum rims on aluminum casting hubs (by the two different materials). If you select a rim/wheel, which is offered "in exchange", please send your old wheel/rim first. Chassis No. (vehicle Ident. No.) is required. Note: No Tires included in the price, they have to be ordered separately (in that case: assembly and balancing free of charge).

591A Rim / Wheel 5.50 x 17, rear

591B Rim / Wheel 5.00 x 18, rear

591C Rim / Wheel 5.50 x 15, rear

591D Rim / Wheel Stock rear wheel, mirrorfinished

591E Rim / Wheel 8.50 x 18, rear

591G Rim / Wheel 10.00 x 18, rear

591J Rim / Wheel, Vmax 1700 8,00 x 18, rear, Exclusive

591L Rim / Wheel V-Max 1700 rear, broaded, 8 x 18, New Vmax

591N Rim, Wheel, Vmax 1700 10,00 x 18 for 300er rear tire

591R Rim Stock Vmax 1700 for 1200

592A Rim / Wheel Stock, front

592B Rim / Wheel Stock, front, mirrorfinished

592C Rim / Wheel 3.50 x 18, front

592D Rim / Wheel 3.50 x 17, front

592E Rim / Wheel Stock, front, chromed

592F Rim / Wheel Stock, rear, chromed

592H Wheelset Rim seat mirrorfinished

592I Rim set, Vmax 1700 New Vmax

592J Rim / Wheel 5.50 x 17, front

592K Rim, Vmax 1700 Front, 180 tire

592L Rim, Vmax 1700 Front, 160 tire

592M Rim / Wheel, Vmax 1700 3.50 x 18, front, Exclusive

592P Front rim Stock Vmax 1700 to 1200

593A Rim set Super-Bike, 3 spoke

593C Wheelset Light, priceworthy

594D Rim set Sport, silver, 180/120 tire

594F Rim set Sport, black-silver, 180/120 tire

594H Rim set Sport, black, 180/120 tire

595A Wheelset Classic, Spokes

595B Wheelset Cruiser, spokes

597A Wheelset Enduro

597B Wheelset Hightec, 300 rear, 140 front

597C Wheel set Hightec, 300 rear, 180 front

597E Set of Rims, V-Max 1700 Exclusive, 240 / 120 tire, New Vmax

597F Rim set, Vmax 1700, black Exclusive, 240 reat / 120 front tire

597G Rim set, Vmax 1700, silver/black Exclusive, 240 reat / 120 front tire

597H Wheelset, V-Max 1700 New Vmax, Exclusiv, 300/130 tire

597I Wheelset V-max 1700 Exclusive, black, 300/130 tire

597K Rim set, Vmax 1700 280 / 300 rear tire, 180 front tire

597M Rim set, Vmax 1700, black Exclusive, 300 rear tire, 180 front tire

597R Rim set, Vmax 1700 17 inch rear wheel

597T Rim set, Vmax 1700, black 17 inch rear wheel

597V Rim set, Vmax 1700, silver/black 17 inch rear wheel

598A Rim design Turbo

598B Rim design Tuning fork

598C Rim, V-Max 1700 rear, gloss polish, 6 or 8 inch

598E Rim, V-Max 1700 front, gloss polish

599A Rim / Wheel Damper bushes

599B Rim / Wheel Axle nut cover

599C Wheelhub Front wheel cover

599G Hub cover Vmax 1700, rear, black

599I Hub cover Vmax 1700, polished

599P Wheel protector Front, V-Max 1700

599R Rim set, V-Max 1700, black rear, 300 tire with single rear arm

599S Wheel protector Rear, New V-Max 1700

599W Tire valve angled

599Y Wheel bearings complete, rear