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750 Gas tanks

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All offered gas tanks are made of 2.5mm aluminium, not of plastic of fibreglass which will desintegrated over time and can be found as very small particles within your carburetors Delivery includes a lockable lid (aircraft style), a additional fuel switch for switch between main and additional tank, fuel lines and pipes as well as any other required fitting hardware and an installation instruction. They come either unpainted or mirrorfinished. All gas tanks can be loaded (with backpack etc.) as ventilatio is nit be done via the lid. Tanks do not hide the V-max "dashboard" and are mounted using the stock mounting points. Please provide VIN, otherwise your order can not be processed or is delayed.

753E Gas tank V-Max 1200, 20 liters

753G Gas tank De-rusted and resealed

754D Fuel tank 7 liters

754H Fueltank, new Vmax 22 liters capacity

754I Fuel tank, New V-Max 22 Liters, Version 2

754K Fuel tank, New V-Max 22 Liters, Version 3

754R Fuel tank Vmax 1700 front, plus 5 liter

755A Fake cover intake Racing

756B Fake tank cover Aftermarket

756C Fake tank cover Hood

756E Fake tank cover Cutted

756G Fake tank cover Wide cuttings

756H Fake tank cover with storage space

756J Tank cover Big, New V-Max 1700

756K Fake tank cover Carbon, exclusive

756L Tankattrappendeckel Geschlitzt, Neue V-Max

756M Tank cover protection New Vmax

756P Fake fuel tank cover Fighter

756R Fake fuel tank cover Mobile phone, V-max 1200

756T Fake Gas tank cover Fighter, V-Max 1700

756V Fake gas tank cover storage compartment, V-Max 1700

757A Tankbag Flat

757C Fake cover protection Touring

757D Tank backpack Touring

757E Tank backpack Vario

757P Tank backpack 11 liters, New Vmax

757U Tank backpack Shorty, 8 Liters

757V Tank backpack Flat, 6 Liters

757W Tank bag 4 Liter