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760 Headlight covers

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All offered headlight covers come with fitment warranty, headlight(s), fitting hardware and instructions and TV-certificate but unpainted (see 390 for available colors). The overall height of the covers can be adjusted by 8 cm within 5 minutes (highway or city speed). These covers are produced exclusive for V-max, not a universal product you have to bother with fitting materials etc. Please provide front fork diameter and VIN when ordering.

761A Headlight cover Street

761B Headlight cover Street special

762A Headlight cover Racing

762B Headlight cover Streetfight

762C Headlight cover Streetfight, special

763A Headlight cover Super-Bike

763B Headlight cover Super-Bike, special

763C Headlight cover Fighter

763F Headlight cover Cat

763H Headlight cover Duke

765E Headlight cover Sport

765H Covering Speed, Vmax 1200

765K Covering Speed, Vmax 1700