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690 Swingarm

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691A Swingarm Reinforced, Exchange

692A Swingarm Super reinforced

692C Swingarm Genuine, black powder-coated

692D Swingarm Alu

692F Swingarm Alu, 240 rear tire

692G Swingarm for 8.5 and 10 inch rim

692H Swingarm Aluminium, 8.5 & 10" rear wheel

692I Swingarm Vmax 1700, 10" rim / 300 tire

692K Swingamr V-Max 1700 10 inch, 300 rear tire, black

693A swingarm bolts Oversize

694A Swingarm bearings Closed

694C Swingamr bearings Genuine

695A Swingarm cover Exclusive

695B Swing arm cover Race

695E Swingarm coverlid Exclusive, black-silver

695F Swingarm coverlid Race, black-silver

695J Swingarm, Cover New Vmax, Toptech, silver

695K Swingarm, Cover New Vmax, Toptech, black

696B Swingamr cover New V-Max, Hightec

696D Swingarm, Cover Racing, New Vmax