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670 Fender

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All fenders are made from glass fibre reinforced plastic and come with mounting material, however they are not painted. We can supply genuine colors (see 390). Chassis No. (vehicle Ident. No.) is required, otherwise no processing possible.

672B Fender Super-Bike, front

672E Fender Streetfight, front

673A Fender Racing, front

673B Fender WP-fork, front

673C Fender Showa-fork, front

674A Fender Street, vorne

674D Fender Universal, front

674F Fender Super-Bike, front, extra wide

674H Fender WP-fork, front, extra wide

674I Fender Streetfight, front, New Vmax 1700

674J Fender Superbike, front, V-Max 1700

674L Fender, new V-Max Front, Exclusive, Carbon

674M Fender Racing, rear

674N Fender, New Vmax front, wide

674P Fender, new V-Max rear, Exclusive, Carbon

674R Fender rear, Short, Single-Seater

674S Fender rear, Small, Two-Seater

674T Fender, New Vmax rear, small, short, single seat

674U Fender, New Vmax rear, small, short, two seats

674V Fender, New Vmax rear, short and small, single-seater

674W Fender, New Vmax rear, small and short, 2-seater

674X Fender, new V-Max Ducati design, Single seater

674Y Fender, New V-Max Ducati desing, Two seater

675A Fender Stock, carbonfibre, rear

675B Fender Stock short, rear

675C Fender Short, rear

675D Fender rear, Super-short

675E Fender rear, Short and wide

675F Fender rear, Short, storage space

675G Fender rear, Short, without storage space

675H Fender unit rear, Fighter

676A Fender unit Road, fibreglass, rear

676B Fender unit Road, carbonfibre, rear

677A Fender unit Combo, rear

677C x x

678A Fender unit Racing, single, rear

679A Fender unit Street, single, rear

679B Fender unit Street, two seater, rear

679C Fender unit Super-Bike, single, rear

679D Fender unit Super-Bike, two seater, rear

679G Fender unit rear, MV-Agusta, single

679H Fender unit rear, MV-Agusta, two seater

679J Fender unit rear, ultrashort

679M Fender unit rear, MV-Agusta 4in4, single

679P Fender unit rear, Country

679R Fender Sport

680A Fender extension front

680B Fender extension rear

680G Fender panel gloss polish, rear

680I Fender panel rear, black