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220 Foot rest

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All offered foot rest systems come with fitment warranty, installation instructions and TV-certificate and are available in black also (with surcharge).

221E Footrest Relax

221G Foot rest Relax, Vmax 1700

223A Footrest Sport exchange

223B Footrest Racing exchange

223G Footrest Turnable

223I Footrest rotatable, rubber

223P Footrest Race, New Vmax

223R Footrest Variablo, New Vmax

223T Footrest Varibalo, rubber, V-Max 1700

224A Footrest system Superbike, silver

224C Footrest Touren-Sport, Sozia

224I Footrest Long distance

227A Footrest system "Super-Sport"

227B Footrest system "Super-Sport", reinforced

228A Footrest conversion kit Street

229B Footrest system Super-Light

230A Footrest system Touring-Sports

230B Footrest system Touring Sport, black

231A Footrest system Sporttouring

231B Footrest system Sporttouring Basic

231D Footrest system Hightech, silver

231E Footrest system Hightech, black

232A Footrest Sportouring, Passenger

232E Footrest system stock, mirrorfinish

232G Footrest systeme Exclusive, Silver, V-Max 1700

232H Footrest system Exclusive, Black, V-Max 1700

232J Footrest High-end, New Vmax

232K Footrest Highend, black, New Vmax

232M Footrest Toptech, silver, New Vmax

232N Footrest Toptech, black, New Vmax

232R Footrest, forward kit V-Max 1700