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1400 Engine work carried out

Everything not listed on announcement.

1410A Balance shaft fine adjustment

1411B Crankshaft fine adjsutment

1413A Dynojet test

1421A Installation Article 911A

1422A Installation Article 912A

1423A Installation Article 913A

1424A V-max motorcycle pick-up / delivery service

1431A Engine removal

1432A Engine disassembly

1433A Engine assembly

1434A Engine fitment

1435A Engine loosen and tighten

1441A Valves removal and fitting

1442A Valve lapping

1442B Valve seat cutting

1444A Extend valve seat

1451A Carburetor adjustment

1451C Carburetor Adjustment

1452A Carburetor installation März Tuning

1453A Carburetor installation Dynojet Stage 7

1461A Cylinder rebore 1. and 2. size

1461C Cylinder head bore out 1310 pistons

1462A Cylinder wall replacement

1480 Other engine works