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1100 Accessories

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This article group is updated regulary. Please ask if you have a special desire.

1108A Bike Cover Outside

1108I Bike Cover Indoor

1108K Bike Cover Outside, with emblem

1108M Bike Cover Inside, with emblem

1111A Alarm system Senty

1111E Jack support Foldable

1131A Sticker Genuine V-max

1131B Sticker black / silver

1131C Sticker I lover

1131D Sticker V4, small

1131E Sticker Flag

1131F Sticker V4, big

1131G Sticker Motorcycle, big

1131H Sticker Reflector

1131J Sticker Banderole

1131L Patch 30 years V-Max

1131N Patch Speedometer

1131P Patch V-Max with Yamaha logo, small

1131R Patch V-Max with Yamaha logo, big

1131S Patch Original V-Max 1200 letters, big

1131T Patch V-Max 1700 letter, big

1132A Sticker V-max motorcycle

1132B Sticker Bike

1141A Pin V-max

1143B Sticker V-max

1143E Sticker Logo

1145D Wrist watch Yamana

1148A Battery charger Professional

1151A Users handbook V-max

1160A Motorcylce outfit Large selection

1160C Brake disc lock with alarm

1160D Brake disc lock Sturdy

1161B Jacket V-max

1161D Blouson Genuine YAMAHA

1161F Blouson Genuine YAMAHA fleece

1161G Gift voucher All purpose

1161H Purse Yamaha

1161I Belt Yamaha

1161K Belt bracket V-max

1161M Braces V-max

1161N Braces YAMAHA

1161S Inspection kit Vmax 1200 until 1995

1161T Inspection kit Vmax 1200, 1996 onwards

1161U Inspection kit Vmax 1700

1162A Cap V-max

1162D Basecap Blue, Yamaha

1162F Basecap Yamaha, black

1162I Cap Yamaha

1164A Workshop stand rear

1164C Workshop stand front

1164G Repair stand fittings V-Max 1700

1166A Polish Aluminium

1166B Polish Chrome

1169A Marshal aid Rolling main stand

1170B Key ring V-Max 1200

1170D Key ring V-Max 1700

1171A Keyring Aluminium badge

1171D Keyring Nameplate

1171E Key ring März

1171H Neck keychain YAMAHA

1181A Lock Anchor

1181B Lock Chain

1191A Sweat-Shirt V-max

1211A T-Shirt V-max

1219A Mug V-max

1219D Mug Yamaha, blue

1219F Mug Yamaha, white

1221A V-Max Model

1223A V-max Emblem

1223D V-MAX Badge, New V-Max

1291A Tools Flywheel tool

1291B Tools Clutch basket holder

1291C Tools Valve tools

1291F Tools Oil filter tool

1291M ..tbd