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990 Oil

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Should be change every 4000 miles or once a year.

991A Engine oil Motul 20 W 50

991C Engine oil Motul 20W50 5 Liter

991E Engine-Oil Yamalube

991G Engine Oil Yamalube, 5 liters

992A Oil filter Genuine, until 95

992B Oil filter Genuine, 96 onwards

992D Oil filter Chromed, 96 onwards

992E Oil filter Aftermarket, until 95

992K Oil filter Aftermarket, 96 onwards

993A Oil filter cover Exclusive

993D Oil filter cover Straight

993E Oil pipe bracket Life saver

994A Oil cooling system Minus 20 degrees Celsius

994B Oil cooling system Minus 40 degrees Celsius

995A Oil cooling system - additon up to 1995

995E Oil separator casing Mirrorfinished

996B Oil pan extension Plus 700 ml

996D Oil pan Plus 1 liter

997A Oil filler cap Exclusive

997D Oil filler bolt Milled

998B Oil filler cap Temperature gauge

998F Oil filler cap Hightec

998G Oil filler cap Techology

998I Oil filler cap Hightec, black