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530 Engine wings

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All offered engine wings come with fitment warranty,installation instructions and TV-certificate but unpainted. Original colors available. Attention !! All offered wings do not cover the oil spy glass and can be used (with slight modifications) in combination with 4in1 exhaust systems. Plese provide VIN when ordering, otherwise your order can not be processed or is delayed.

531A Engine wing Classic 1

531B Engine wing Classic 2

531D Engine wing Streetfight

532A Engine wing Street 1

532B Engine wing Street 2

533A Engine wing Racing

534A Engine wing Super-Bike

535A Engine wing Sport

537A Engine wing Big

537D Engine wing Cool

537H Engine spoiler Super-Sport

538E Engine spoiler Racing, New V-Max 1700

538G Engine spoiler Cool, New V-Max 1700

538I Engine Spoiler Sport, V-Max 1700

538K Engine Spoiler Super Sport, V-Max 1700

538M Engine spoiler Super-long, V-max 1700

538P Engine spoiler Racetec, V-max 1700