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140 Flasher

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Attention ! Our flashers are designed for use in European bikes with Europead flasher relays (2 x 21 Watts). For use with other models (2 x 27 Watts relay) or when using LED flashers our flasher resistor, article 152A is required, otherwise the flashing frequency will be to high.

141B Flasher Mini-Black

142B Flasher Mini-Mini chromed

142C Flasher Mini-Mini black

142D Flasher Mini-Mini silver

142H Indicator Fighter

142J Indicator Space

143A Flasher Street-black

143C Flasher Mini-Oval black

144A Flasher Super-Bike-Chromed

144B Flasher Hi-tech

146B Flasher Exclusive-round chromed

146C Flasher Exclusive-round silver

146D Flasher Exclusive-round black

149A Flasher Genuine-shape.

150A Flasher Barend, anti vibration, polished

150B Flasher Barend, anti vibration, black

150C Flasher Barend, anti vibration, chromed

150D Indicator bar end, black

151B Flasher Barend, street

151C Flasher Barend, Mini chromed

151D Flasher Barend, Mini black

151F Indicator Basic

151H Flasher LED, Cone

151J Flasher Streetfight

151N Indicators LED, Yamaha

151P Flasher screen Cruiser

152A Flasher Unit current independent

152B Flasher unit current independent output V-Max 1200

152C Flasher adapter plate

152E Flasher reminder Acoustic

153A Flasher mounting point front

153E Flasher mount front, V-Max 1700

154A Flasher Adaptor wire

155B Flasher lenses Transparent, V-Max 1700

155D Flasher mounting rear, polished

155F Flasher mounting rear, shortened

155H Flasher mounting rear, black