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120 Exhaust Systems

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All of our exhaust systems are Dyno-tested and compared on a '97-Vmax (with 32mm outlet). With different settings minor changes to those data can occur. While using one of the offered 4in1 Exhaust Systems, the main stand can remain on the vehicle.

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122C Exhaust system Speed, Street, Alu

122D Exhaust system Speed, Carbon, 4 in1

122E Exhaust system Stainless Steel 4in1

122F Exhaust system Speed, Stainless, 4 in 1, short

122H Exhaust System 4 in 1 Speed, Street, short

122J Exhaust system Carbon 4in1 extra short

122M Exhaust system Racing V-Max 1700

127A Exhaust system db-Killer