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100 Exhaust mufflers

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All exhaust systems and mufflers we offer have been bench tested with a 97er V-Max (32mm outlet) and compared. Due to factory caused power divergence or not well adjusted engines also slight differences can occur. The main stand can stay in place with all our offered muffler kits.

101A Mufflers Stock, 4in2, chromed

101C Mufflers Stock, 4in2, chromed, used

101D Mufflers Stock, 4in2, black, used

103B Mufflers Aftermarket, 4in2, chromed

104A Mufflers Aftermarket, 4in2, black

104B Mufflers Aftermarket, 4in2, slanted

104C Mufflers Chopper, 4in2

108A Mufflers Supertrapp, 4in2, silver

108B Mufflers Supertrapp, 4in2, black

112G Muffler 4 in 4

112H Muffler Super Sport, black

112I Muffler Super-Sport, short, black

112J ..tbd

112M Mufflers Super-Bike, short, Alu.-

112N ..tbd

112P Mufflers Superbike, Vmax 1700

112Q Muffler set Supersport, black, V-Max 1700

112R Muffler Supersport, Silver, Vmax 1700

112S Exhaust muffler Carbon , Vmax 1700

112T Exhaust mufflers Conical, Akrapovic, Vmax 1700

112X Muffler Trumpet, Stainless, V-Max 1700

112Y Mufflers Trumpet, black, V-max 1700

114A Muffler cover Stainless steel

114B Muffler caps Aluminium, silver

114C Muffler caps Hightec, silver

114D Muffler caps Hightec, black

114G Muffler caps Hightec, black/silver

114I Muffler caps Exclusive, silber

114J Muffler caps Exclusive, black

114L Muffler mounting Exclusive, Vmax 1700